Charged With Sexual Assault? Here’s What You Have To Do

Though it is sad that there are some individuals who commit sexual assault, it is even sadder that there are people who may file a false charge against an innocent person for whatever reason they may have. Not everyone who’s been accused of sexual assault is guilty of the act, more so when there is some miscommunication involved. What is also unfortunate is that a charge of sexual assault is a criminal offence that will most likely be forever attached to the accused’s name unless properly addressed legally.

Sexual Assault Charge Consequences

Someone who’s been found guilty of a sexual assault charge will serve between 18 months to 10 years of jail time, will be required to pay hefty fines, and will have a criminal record for life. It is of utmost importance to act swiftly and to legally fight for your rights when charged with sexual assault with the help of a good criminal defence lawyer.

What to Do When Charged With Sexual Assault in Canada

The best way that your criminal defence lawyer can build a strong defence is with the help of the information you share. You have to gather all physical and non-physical evidence that you can find, including the clothes you might have been wearing when the assault took place, where were you at the time, and other information that can prove whether or a consenting sexual act was done or if anything at all took place.

You need to have a clear timeline of events and list down possible witnesses if applicable. Go as far as keeping text messages, photos, tickets, GPS records, footage from security cameras, and everything else that can prove where you were and what you were doing at the time when the alleged assault took place.

Aside from the above, you may have to prove the existence of a relationship or the lack thereof, so be prepared to present personal communications including messages in social media, love letters, as well as statements from witnesses.

Lastly, you need to get yourself a sexual assault lawyer specializing in defence of criminal cases. Calvin Barry is exactly who you need if you’re from around Toronto. Contact Calvin Barry as soon as possible

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