My name is Calvin Barry and I am a Toronto criminal lawyer.


Calvin Barry is a Criminal Lawyer who practiced 16 years as a Senior Crown Attorney, prosecuted more than 60 jury trials including high-profile cases, and worked as a Criminal Prosecutor for all levels of Trial Court. Calvin has over 30 years experience in Criminal Law and has been practicing in Criminal Law and Regulatory Offences since October 2004.

Mr. Barry has defended drug related matters, high profile cases, murder cases, assault, manslaughter, theft, and murder but has placed a primary focus on defending charges related to drinking and driving such as over 80 mg of alcohol in the blood, failure to blow, and impaired driving. He is a member of the Criminal Lawyers Association at present and served as the following in the past:

Treasurer of the Ontario Crown Attorney’s Association (1994-1995)

Member of the Ontario Crown Attorney’s Association Finance Committee (1996-1997)

Member of the Toronto Mayor’s Task Force on Drugs (1995-1998)

Director of the board of the Ontario Crown Attorney’s Association (1990-2000)

Director of the Board of Directors of Variety Village

Director of the Osgoode Hall Alumni Association

Calvin Barry’s experience gives him insight regarding all of the possible defences that may be used in a particular case and which defences will likely be successful in winning an impaired driving case. Calvin focused his entire legal practice to criminal defence matters – this means that he’s not dividing his attention by practicing in other disciplines of law such as real estate, personal injury, corporate, etc. From your very first free meeting, Calvin will look at your case, fully review what transpired on the day you were charged your impaired driving case and explain all of the possible defences he’ll use in your case.

For a free consultation, please visit us at our office or reach out to us at 1-866-961-4963.


Calvin Barry and his team have been successfully defending impaired driving charges in Toronto and the GTA for decades. We can help!


If you’ve been behind the wheel and been charged with having a blood alcohol concentration over 80 milligrams, we can help!


Did you know that the penalties associated with refusing a blood/breath sample are fundamentally the same as those for a conviction of over 80 or impaired driving? If you’ve refused a breath sample, we can help!

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