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Charged With Sexual Assault? Here’s What You Have To Do

Though it is sad that there are some individuals who commit sexual assault, it is even sadder that there are people who may file a false charge against an innocent person for whatever reason they may have. Not everyone who’s been accused of sexual assault is guilty of the act, more so when there is some miscommunication involved. What is also unfortunate is that a charge of sexual assault is a criminal offence that will most likely be forever attached to the accused’s name unless properly addressed legally.

Legal Commentary

Can You Lawfully Film the Police?

The invention of smartphones and portable video recording devices have changed our lives. More than ever, information can now be easily shared online, either recorded on devices or streamed using devices. This has been proven helpful in recent cases where police acted overly harsh or when they were unexpectedly brutal. The question is, is it legal to film the police when they are making an arrest or performing their duty?


Roadside Breath Tests FAQs

Roadside breath tests are associated with arrests made due to DUI or driving under the influence but do you know that there are a lot of technicalities involved with it? An example is that a roadside breath test can’t be administered for no reason. Below are the answers to roadside breath test FAQs.

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